When is the best time for newborn photos? 

The arrival of a newborn is a whirlwind of emotions and sleepless nights. But amidst the whirlwind, you want to capture those precious early moments. Newborn photos are a beautiful way to freeze time and cherish the tiny details of your new tiny miracle.  

Many moms-to-be  and new parents often ask the question – “What is the best time for newborn photos?” As you will treasure these photos forever, the timing is important. As a newborn photographer in Wilmington, NC, I can help and guide you through the different stages to help you decide the best time to take photographs of your newborn. 

Sleepy  Baby

newborn photos

For those sweet, picture-perfect portraits of a peacefully sleeping baby, the sweet spot lies between 0-2 weeks old. Babies change and grow so much in those first couple of weeks. Newborns in this stage also spend most of their time sleeping, making them easier to naturally pose and photograph. They’re also still curled up in that adorable fetal position, ideal for those cuddly newborn poses you’ve been dreaming of.  

We allow plenty of time for  nursing, changing diapers, or soothing your newborn. As an experienced newborn photographer, my goal is to document the love and excitement you share welcoming your new sweet baby into this world and capturing your baby just as they are. Things like their lazy yawns, tiny toes, and cuddling against your chest.  

The Alert Baby

newborn photos

While the traditional window for posed photos may have passed, capturing beautiful memories of your  growing babe is still very much possible. 

At this stage, your baby’s eyes open more to the world around them. You may start seeing the baby’s first smiles.  Babies are alert and curious, yet they are portable, snuggly, and sweet as ever. While the first two weeks are the most  popular for newborn photos, the magic is still unfolding at 3-8 weeks. Your little one will likely be more alert and awake during the session. This means capturing those classic sleeping poses might be trickier. However, it allows for candid smiles and awake portraits that showcase their little personality. 

The First Baby Milestone: (3-4 Months) 

Around 3-4 months, your baby has likely mastered skills like holding their head up during tummy time, reaching for toys, and maybe even rolling over. These milestones are a joy to witness and photograph., giving them a whole new view of the world. I’ll get down on their level, documenting those wide-eyed looks of wonder as they take in their newfound viewpoint.  Your baby is now more interactive and likely to light up with a smile when they see your face, making for heartwarming photos. 

Babies change so quickly in this  sweet stage, making it important to preserve these moments. 

The Second Baby Milestone (6-9 Months) 

newborn photos

This is such a sweet milestone tp capture as your babies personality is really starting to shine through! It’s hard to believe how much your little one has grown and changed since those first days of newborn snuggles. They’re now a mini-explorer, babbling excitedly, likely sitting up, and maybe even sporting a new tooth (or two!). This exciting stage is brimming with milestones, making it the perfect time to capture their sweet personality in a photo shoot. 

The First Birthday of Your Baby (12 Months) 

newborn photos

Then, in a blink, that huge first birthday arrives! It’s normal to feel a mix of nostalgia and excitement as your cuddly newborn has turned into a full-fledged mover and shaker. What a huge foundation year of growth and change and countless “firsts! 

Your baby has transformed from a tiny bundle of joy into a curious, playful toddler. They are often taking their first steps and saying their first words. A photo shoot at the one-year milestone is a fantastic way to capture this magical milestone and preserve these precious memories for years to come!  

Conclusion: Is there a best age for a newborn photoshoot? 

The answer is there is no strict “perfect” timing for taking newborn photos. Newborn photography is all about capturing a fleeting moment.  Don’t stress about the exact timing. The most important thing is to cherish this special time and document your love for your new arrival. 

It is always a perfect time to take relaxing, natural photos of your babies. Each stage has its own unique magic and moments worth capturing. From that sleepy newborn to the unstoppable baby who likes to move and reach every corner, it all happens in the blink of an eye. . 

As an expert newborn photographer in Wilmington, NC, my goal is to ensure you never forget a single phase, no matter how seemingly ordinary or mundane at the time. Our First Year Collective is the perfect package for moms  who don’t want to miss a single moment during baby’s first year! Investing in the First Year Collective gives you peace of mind and ensures you have a beautiful record to look back on your baby’s incredible first year, long after it’s gone.  

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