Beach Maternity Photography in La Jolla

Beach Maternity Photography in La Jolla

What better place to document this incredibly beautiful and sacred time in their lives than at the beach which is near and dear to their hearts. “The beach is our happy place! It’s where Jon and I would end our weekends with walks hand-in-hand when we first dated long-distance, and where our fur baby, Zoe finds joy on our Sunday Funday excursions to Coronado Dog Beach. We can’t wait to share the happiness and serenity we feel with our little one and experience our first beach sunset as a little family!”

The Most Beautiful Journey into Motherhood

Seeing those two little lines on your pregnancy test for the first time is the most heart-racing and exhilarating feeling ever! You’ve created life, and your body is about to embark on the most beautiful journey to nurture, sustain, and protect this little babe growing in your belly. Nine months of carrying the most perfect gift is the best anticipation to experience. This is the start of a wonderful new adventure – one that YOU were completely and divinely equipped for. You were chosen to be this special love’s mama, and this new season of your life is something worth celebrating.

If you’re expecting a baby, contact me for more details about booking your maternity & newborn session! I am typically booked 2-3 months in advance, but occasionally have last minute availability.

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Natural Newborn Photography in Studio | San Elijo Hills

Newborn Photography In Studio With Family

Natural newborn photography at my in-home studio is one of my favorite photo experiences, especially when the whole family is involved! I absolutely adore this beautiful family and have been capturing their family since their oldest was a newborn. So much love is involved in welcoming your newest little bundle. Having family portraits done during your newborn session will create the most magical memories of the abundant love you all have for the new baby!

mom and dad on bed with newbown and son
mom and dad smiling at each other on bed
mom and dad looking at each other while smiling
family of four sitting on bed

Tips For Bringing Older Siblings To Your Newborn Session

Your first baby – now a big sibling – is still adjusting to his or her role as “older brother/sister.” The best way to make sure they feel loved and still seen by mama is by including them in your portraits! They will be excited to bond with baby, and you can even talk this up as a special “big sibling” experience just for them since they’ve been promoted to older brother/sister. This sweet big brother was so incredibly sweet to his new baby brother during our session! He was giving his new baby brother hugs and kisses, and was beaming when his mama and dad held them both together on their laps.

boy holding baby brother on bed
mom holding both sons in lap
big brother kissing newborn baby on head
boy siblings sitting on bed

Successfully Capturing Those Sweet Newborn Images

Feeding and nap times are important, and are something I work around when we are capturing your sweet baby. I also will have a soft swaddle for your new babe on hand, keep my studio warm and cozy, and have a noise machine running so that they can feel completely comforted during our session. It’s important to me to make sure my clients are totally pampered and taken care of as part of my luxurious portrait experience.

newborn baby in moms hands
newborn baby boy in white swaddle
family hands on baby
mom snuggling baby in b&w
big brother kissing newborn baby on head

Maternity, Newborn, and Milestone Photography

Within the first two weeks of birth is when I typically schedule newborn portraits. At this age, your tiny love is easier to pose since they’re still very new to the world. If you know your due date, we can get it on the calendar so I can tentatively plan on when your newborn session will be! Message me for more details about scheduling your natural newborn session at my in-home studio.

newborn baby on bed in white swaddle
newborn baby toes up close
macro shot of baby's lips
newborn baby hands up close
newborn baby on bed in white swaddle
moms hands holding new baby
mom holding newborn baby on shoulder

Luxurious Portrait Experience In Studio

With the Collective Membership Program I offer, you will have a luxurious and stress free photo experience several times throughout the year as you grow your family. From the joy and bliss of pregnancy, to those sweet and fresh newborn photos, to capturing memories of their milestone moments at 6 months and 1 year – the Collective Membership is perfect for families who don’t want to miss a thing.

I just captured their maternity session at my favorite field in San Marcos last month – click here to see the gorgeous gallery of their light-drenched maternity portraits.

toddler boy giving mom a kiss
dad snuggling newborn baby boy
dad smiling at newborn baby in his arms
black and white family hands on baby
dad holding new baby black and white
dad holding son and newborn baby
mom snuggling newborn baby on chest
dad with son and new baby
mom smiling down at newborn baby
big brother snuggling mom as she is holding newborn baby brother
mom and big brother looking at newborn baby brother

Ready to book your maternity and/or newborn session? Contact me for more details or to begin planning your luxurious portrait session for Spring!

Clothing borrowed from Client Wardrobe Collection.
HMUA: @uniqueandflawless

Film Scans: The FindLab

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Why I Love Capturing Maternity Portraits

Why i love maternity photos

Why I love capturing maternity portraits: Maternity sessions are one of my favorite to capture because this season of life is nothing short of magic; the beauty of a women’s body growing as she nurtures life inside her, her wonder and joy, the excitement and anticipation of the parents as they await the arrival of their tiny miracle, the strengthening bond between couples. My passion is to capture love. And bringing a new child into the world is, undoubtedly, love in its purest form.

maternity portraits on the beach

Pregnancy is Sacred

One of the most holy and amazing chapters in a woman’s life is the season as life takes shape inside her. Pregnancy is sacred, it is beautiful, and it is a miracle. Every momma-in-waiting deserves this chapter of her story captured in a stunning way that savors the beauty and feeling during her journey of motherhood.

beautiful mom to be with floral crown in field
daughter hugging mom's belly

Luxurious Stress-Free Maternity Session

My ultimate goal as a San Diego maternity photographer is to not only produce stunning images, but to also provide a luxurious, stress-free experience and a timeless and tangible way for moms to remember what that moment in time felt like. That fierce love and connection she had with the baby growing in her belly. The beauty, power, and femininity of pregnancy. The joy of the soon to be big brother and sister as they giddily await baby’s arrival. The growing bond and anticipation between parents as they begin a life more beautiful than they could ever imagine. The last moments when you only had one child to love. I want a mom to look back on the images captured and relive the feeling of her incredible journey.

maternity photo at Windandsea beach
glowing mom to be on the beach
dad snuggling mom to be in field

Ready to book your maternity or newborn session? Contact me for more details or to begin planning your maternity portrait session today!
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Natural Newborn And Maternity Photography – San Diego

pregnant mom and daughter snuggling

I just photographed this family’s new sweet baby boy, and cannot wait to upload that gallery to the blog! This maternity session was all about connecting and being together before their family turned into four. Adding a second child to your tribe is such a wonderful time to celebrate! But those last few weeks as a family of three – all you’ve ever known – is something to be cherished and treasured.

Your baby is turning into a big sibling, you’re about to experience that sweet newborn stage all over again, and your hearts are about to grow with double the love. These pictures are ones that will always remind you of that special bond between you and your first child.

black and white family close up
mom and daughter hugging moms belly
family of three walking in field
dad holding daughter on shoulder while kissing mom
pregnant mom holding big sister

Let Kids Be Kids

Rowan loved snuggling her mama’s belly and exploring in the field finding bugs and snails. Kids thrive when they are able to just be themselves in a natural environment – I will guide families into natural and candid moments so that every image I capture is at your most natural and comfortable.

The best shots are when you’ve forgotten about all that’s around you, and you’re locked in the moment of being present and enjoying that wonderful quality time with your family. So let your kids wander our location, let them pick up sticks and play in the grass. Their natural smiles will come out, they will entertain themselves, and the result will product the most memorable images of their childhood.

mom laughing holding daughter
little girl in flower crown looking at camera
dad smiling with little girl in arms
mom carrying daughter

Capturing Memories At Every Stage

This family, like many of my clients, are part of my Collective Membership Program – so I will get to capture Henry’s baby milestones as well! It’s so important to me to document all that life you experience with your little ones while they grow. Especially during the first year, all mamas want to do is soak in every single moment with their babies and connect with their growing family. Being present during that time is what makes your motherhood journey so memorable! Having those Collective Membership sessions scheduled (newborn, 6 months, first birthday) will guarantee images that wonderfully capture your sweet babe’s budding personality as they grow.

man holding pregnant wife's belly
family of three in field hugging
maternity photo in field
pregnant woman in field

Turning Your Dreams For Your Photos Into Reality

When we chatted about mom’s hopes for the session she told me she wanted “the perfect mommy daughter photo, and to capture this point in time when I’m still her favorite. For the three of us, capturing the natural family connection, smiles and laughter. All with that perfect lighting!” I always love to hear what clients envision for their portrait session before we work together. It gives me a sense of the memories and emotion you’d most love to capture! This way every image you receive is exactly what you pictured – beautiful, natural, and organic images of you and your precious family.

girl holding moms bely pregnant

Clothing borrowed from Client Wardrobe Collection.
HMUA: @uniqueandflawless
Floral Crown: @flowersbykendra

Contact me for more details or to begin planning your family or maternity portrait session today!

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Creating a Stress Free & Enjoyable Maternity Session

Luxury Portrait Experience

My ultimate goal as a maternity photographer is to not only produce stunning images, but to also provide a stress free & enjoyable maternity session. For this reason, a maternity portrait session with Michelle Popp Photography is designed to create a luxury experience for you and your family from beginning to end.

Personalized Styling & Client Wardrobe Collection

Hands down, choosing what to wear is the most stressful part of photos. I take the stress away by styling my clients in the perfect wardrobe. All clients have access to my beautiful client wardrobe collection taking pressure off of them to find something to wear. I have carefully curated wardrobe with maternity clients in mind knowing what will photograph beautifully; soft colors, delicate textures, beautiful details, and a perfect fit to compliment and accentuate a growing belly.  

curated dresses in Client Wardrobe Collection

Slow Down, Relax, and Soak it All In 

More often than not, couples expecting a baby are extremely busy. Meticulously planning for their little one’s arrival if it’s their first, chasing around and taking care of another little one if it’s their second, third, or fourth…I strongly believe that in order to capture raw emotions and love, I have to help clients slow down and relax.

I always remind clients at the start of the session that the whole purpose of the maternity session is not only to create beautiful images, but to be fully present in the moment and connect with each another with no distractions. Forget about everything else for that hour and just be present. It’s about soaking in those last moments together when it is just the two of you, or those last moments before your family of three becomes a family of four. It’s about being present in this moment before your world is forever changed and you soon forget what this prior life was like.

I recently had a client who was pregnant with her second baby boy say to me during her maternity session, “This is so nice to enjoy this time together as a family and really connect before we become a busy family of four. This is the first time I have actually been able to slow down and really soak in this moment.” That made my heart sing! THIS is a huge part of my passion of photography; and if a mama-to-be can be present and embrace this short time with me, it will forever be alive for her in the moments I capture.

dad kissing mom to be on forehead in maternity photo

Day of Pampering With Professional Hair & Make-up

Pregnant mamas deserve to be pampered, especially the day of their session. I offer hair & make-up services to all clients. The artists I partner with specialize in enhancing your natural beauty to make you look & feel gorgeous in front of the camera. She travels to your home the day of the session making it super convenient.

Hair & Make-up artist doing client's make-up

Heirloom Artwork

I make it so easy to enjoy your beautiful images so they don’t only make an appearance on social media for a day or sit their on your computer. After your session we meet for an ordering appointment where you will view your images in print for the first time and choose the heirloom artwork you love.

heirloom album

Ready to book your maternity or newborn session?  I typically book 2-3 months in advance, but sometimes I have last minute availability. Contact me for more details or to begin planning your portrait session today!

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