Top 5 Splurge-Worthy Items to Add to Your Baby Registry 

Welcoming a new baby is one of life’s most exciting times. As you build your baby registry, consider adding these luxury items that will make those early newborn days so much easier and more comfortable for both you and your little one. 

These splurge-worthy gifts may cost a little more, but they’ll be well worth it to celebrate this incredible milestone. What could be a better way to treat yourself (and baby!) than these amazing products? 

1. Indie All-Terrain Stroller for Outdoor Adventures 


Indie All-Terrain Stroller for newborn

This Indie all-terrain jogging stroller is responsibly manufactured and opens up a whole new world of family fitness and fun. It stands out for its safety features as it is crafted from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and completely free from harmful chemicals like PFAS, PVC, BPA, Pthalates, Vinyl, and more.   

You can stay active while bonding with your little one on hikes, runs, or just strolls around the neighborhood. Imagine the joy of creating countless memories together thanks to the durable, versatile stroller made for hitting the trails. 

Indie All-Terrain Stroller 

2. Doona Infant Convertible Car Seat & Stroller Combo 


 Doona Infant Convertible Car Seat & Stroller Combo

Make your on-the-go life a total breeze with a dual-functional car seat that transforms into a stroller in seconds! This convertible stroller comes with Anti-Rebound Crash Technology and is approved for FAA Aircraft travel. It features a 5-point safety harness for superior safety. It’s the only car seat with integrated wheels and has a near-flat infant insert cushion and head support cushions made from bamboo fabric, providing antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and thermal regulation benefits. 

No more struggling to carry both – you can simply click a button for stroller mode. Just think of the relief of no longer having to lug around the infant carrier and separate stroller. This smart 2-in-1 design will be an absolute lifesaver. 

Doona convertible stroller

3. Levoit OasisMist® 1000S Smart Tower Humidifier  


Levoit OasisMist® 1000S Smart Tower Humidifier for newborn

Keep your baby comfortable with the Levoit OasisMist® 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier. Enjoy customizable humidity levels and up to 100 hours of continuous mist. Control it with the free VeSync app, set schedules, and monitor humidity levels. Its smart features make it perfect for both baby and adult rooms. Plus, its tower design makes refilling easy, and it’s also compatible with voice assistants – Hey Google and Amazon Alexa.  

The filtered, hydrated air from this humidifier can soothe coughs, moisturize dry skin, and create the perfect nurturing environment for sleep. As you inhale that clean, pure mist while cradling your newborn at 3am, you’ll be so grateful for this thoughtful gift that promotes health and comfort. 

Levoit OasisMist® 1000S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Tower Humidifier

4. Willow 360™ Wearable Breast Pump 


Willow 360™ Wearable Breast Pump 

If you plan on breastfeeding, the Willow 360 hands-free breast pump will quickly become your new best friend. It is the only hands-free breast pump that is 100% leak proof. With its patented latch, you can move freely without spilling a drop. You can discreetly wear it under your bra.  

With no bulky motor, this breast pump can be controlled via phone or Apple Watch. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and FDA approved. With its purchase, you will also get access to 360 Care support for pumping success. 

Willow 360™ Wearable Breast Pump 

5. WildBird Comet Baby Carrier 


WildBird Comet Baby Carrier for newborn

WildBird is the best baby carrier you can get to ensure luxurious comfort for both baby and you. Adorned with moon, shooting stars, and comets, its intricate deep blue Jacquard weave truly stands out. Made from 100% natural linen and CPSIA Certified non-toxic materials, it’s perfect for babies from 7-45 lbs.  

This baby carrier is acknowledged as “Hip-Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which means you will enjoy ultimate comfort with padded waist belt and shoulder straps. With this Premium Comet baby carrier, you can keep your little one close while crossing tons off your to-do list.  

WildBird Premium Comet Baby Carrier

These splurge-worthy gifts will not only make your life exponentially easier but create a thousand little moments you’ll cherish forever. The feeling of being supported, respected, and loved during this sacred period of new motherhood is truly invaluable. If you can, go all-out – you deserve the world. 

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