Nothing Happens By Chance

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Nothing Happens By Chance

I have always been a strong believer that nothing happens by chance. Everything happens for a reason. It was the weekend before Christmas when mom reached out to me late that Friday afternoon. I had just finished reading, The Christmas Tapestry, to my boys for the first time. It was a new book we added to advent this past Christmas. It has a tear jerker of an ending, but such a beautiful, beautiful message in this book. It teaches about hope, faith, and that nothing happens by chance. Everything in the universe is woven together beautifully and seamlessly by God.

God Calls Upon Us All to Share Our Gifts

As I finished reading this book to my boys and wiping the tears from my eye, I got a phone call which I didn’t answer. On our way driving to a living nativity at Gray’s school that evening, I listened to the message. This mama called me and left a voice message pouring her heart out and sharing her story. Her husband, Doug was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. She said all she could think about on the drive home from receiving this news was that they didn’t have any photos together as a family and how much she wanted to document this season while Doug was still strong and healthy. I literally got chills at the timing of this call. In my 8 years of photography, I have never gotten a call like this. I knew immediately God was calling upon me to share my gift and provide a glimmer of hope, love, and comfort to this family during this tragic time.

The Power of Prayer is Powerful

I share this story as a testimony of how God weaves everything in life together so beautifully, even when at times it is extremely difficult for us to understand what those plans are. God’s love is greater than anything.

And most importantly, I share this story to ask for your prayers. I ask you to please pray for Doug and his sweet family during his battle with cancer and that his treatment is a success. The power of prayer is so powerful.

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