Baby’s First Year Portrait Collection

Life with a newborn moves fast, and in the blink of an eye your littlest goes from tiny baby to energetic toddler. It’s so important to capture those fleeting memories of the little months as they grow through each milestone from birth to first birthday. Those memories will stay with you for the rest of your life, and will remind you of the golden days of early motherhood every time you see them.

newborn baby on bed in white swaddle
mom and dad's hands on baby sleeping in white swaddle
newborn baby toes

Capturing Images Of Your Baby’s First Year

The Baby’s First Year Milestone Package was created out of the desire to give parents the simple and special gift of capturing the sweetest imagery of your new little bundle. The entire process is designed to take the stress off your shoulders as new parents so that you can enjoy baby’s first year knowing that those precious images will be taken care of. Being a mama to two young boys, I am captivated by capturing the essence of childhood – I know how fleeting this season is, and how much I want time to slow down to remember this bond between us. I am so passionate about giving the gift of memories to mamas through beautiful and natural imagery of you and your little ones for this very reason!

newborn baby on bed in white swaddle
newborn baby with eyes open on white bed
black and white of baby fingers

In-Studio Portraits Of Your Baby

With the Collective Membership for baby milestones, the portrait session will take place at my in-home studio and is focused on only baby. With soft, natural light pouring in and my studio creates the most perfect environment for your babe to get cozy during our session! I also will have a soft swaddle for your new babe on hand, and have a noise machine running so that they can feel completely comforted during our session. It’s important to me to make sure my families are totally pampered and taken care of as part of my luxurious portrait experience.

newborn baby boy in white swaddle

What To Expect For Each Session

Typically, the Baby’s First Year Milestone Package includes newborn, 6 month, and first birthday portraiture. Each session becomes more sweet and playful, as your little one grows into their personality! We will capture beautiful details, sweet snuggles, and those first smiles as they sleep, sit up, and enjoy their birthday cake at our last session. These sessions are baby-led, meaning we let your little one get cozy and comfortable so that the poses mimic their natural movement and personality.

Your newborn session takes place within the first two weeks of birth. At this age, your tiny love is easier to pose since they’re still very new to the world. Our six month milestone session is where your little love can show off their active personality! From sitting up to standing supported, the images we capture will reflect their blossoming personality, sweet giggles, and how active they’ve become. At their one year/first birthday session, we will capture the essence of who your child is becoming as they grow into a young toddler. And of course, there will be cake to celebrate!

newborn baby on bed in swaddle
baby sitting up in bed in white dress

Luxury Portrait Experience For Baby’s First Year

No detail is left out of the luxury portrait experience we provide for your little one. Their first year is such a fleeting and beautiful experience – and with our Milestone Package you will not miss out on a single memory of how much they’ve grown in our year of working together. Message me today for more information on pricing, to schedule dates, and make the most out of your baby’s first year through natural and organic imagery.

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Spring Maternity Photos

pregnant mother in green field in a white dress

We have had lots of rain this winter, leaving the field I shoot at unusually green which makes for the most perfect spring maternity photos! We planned a sunrise maternity session that day, but it turned out to be a very foggy morning. The dewy morning light and crisp air surrounded by gorgeous green scenery made for some beautiful shots that I am in love with!

Shannon grew up here in San Diego, but now lives in Baltimore. She flew out here for her baby shower, and thought it would be special to capture maternity photos while she was home visiting. We did a petite maternity session, and every photo we captured turned out stunning! This mama is so sweet and I cannot wait for her to experience the joy of meeting her new little babe.

pregnant woman in a green field
expectant mother in white dress eyes closed
close up of pregnant belly
woman looking at camera while man holds her
pregnant mother in a green field

Choosing Your Outdoor Location

Locations can have significant meanings – they’re not always just another pretty spot for portraits. Shannon said: “the reason why we chose the field for our maternity portraits is because it reminds me of our wedding venue in Northern California. My husband is from New Zealand, and we often spend time together outdoors hiking…this location reminds me of all of our wonderful memories together!”

expectant mom and dad in a green field
couple walking towards camera looking at each other
maternity photo of dad standing behind mom
couple in a field at dawn

Clothing borrowed from Client Wardrobe Collection
HMUA: @uniqueandflawless

Benefits of Petite Maternity Sessions

Petite sessions are shorter than my regular full sessions (20 minutes total) and come at a discounted rate, while allowing clients to still experience the full luxury portrait experience that I offer. With a petite session, you can choose from having portraits done in studio or at one of my outdoor locations. You will also receive 5 fully edited photos, but have the option to upgrade to receiving all photos (about 20-30 total). My Client Wardrobe Collection of high end gowns and dresses is also available for you to use, as well as the option to add on hair and make up! It is my goal to make sure you’re feeling completely pampered and gorgeous on session day no matter which session type you choose.

black and white image of pregnant belly
pregnant woman in white dress in a field
maternity photo session in field
maternity session in a field in morning
woman in white dress in a field

There is a special place in my heart for motherhood and maternity portraiture. If you are due in the coming months with a Spring or Summer baby, contact me to reserve your maternity portrait session today! I cannot wait to capture your sweet baby bump and document the memories that go alongside your journey to motherhood.

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How To Create The Perfect Gallery Wall

How A Gallery Wall Is Designed

I use a unique visualization software that takes all the guesswork out of the design process by showing you exactly what your images will look like in your own space! This way you can actually “see” and get a good feel for the end result. Before our session, I’ll ask you to send me a photo of the wall (or walls) you’re considering a wall gallery. I’ll send you steps on how to best take the photo- it’s super easy! A quick iPhone snap will do.

At our design appointment, I will show you a few designs for a gallery wall based on the size of the space as well as your personal style and taste. I have several beautiful frame choices available! The best part is, my frame choices are timeless and perfectly match any home decor style.

Fine Art Prints vs. Prints From A Store

Prints done at places like Costco or Target are never true to color and don’t do your beautiful imagery justice. A lot of the time, your image will be “edited” before print, drastically reducing the quality, color, and tone of your original image. You also won’t have the option of matte, only glossy or lustre, which often does not look the best when framed due to glare and reflection.

Fine art prints are printed on 100% cotton matte archival paper (thicker than standard photo paper) and finished with a protective spray to preserve your beautiful artwork for decades. They last 6 times longer than a traditional lustre print. The matte finish provides little to no reflection of light. This allows you to hang your precious images in any part of your home, no matter how much direct sunlight your wall gets. The best part? They display true colors, and are absolutely stunning in person! In my opinion, nothing compares to the beauty of a fine art print!

All framed prints come with invisible art glass which essentially gives the frame the appearance that there is no glass. It is used by museums around the world to reveal true colors and reduce unwanted reflections. If you’re going to hang photos in your home, this is the absolute best most long-lasting way to do it

Complimentary Installation

Complimentary installation is included with all framed artwork purchases. Once your beautiful framed prints arrive, we will schedule a time for our installer to come and professionally hang your gallery wall. This is a favorite for all of my clients who have gallery walls! The worst thing is spending time figuring out the measurements to space your frames or nailing in more holes than necessary due to your frames not sitting flush with each other. With a professional install, the whole thing is done in a couple hours and you’re left with gorgeous imagery to enjoy in your home and on your walls every single day.

Framing Your Prints From Past Photo Sessions

If we’ve done a session together (or several!) and your imagery is not yet framed on your walls, let’s make it happen! The beautiful thing about investing in your family memories is being able to proudly display and enjoy them throughout the seasons – on your walls, and in luxurious albums. Send me a message to book your framing and gallery wall design appointment today!

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In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography

black and white of family snuggling

In Home Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This sweet family just welcomed their new baby boy, Henry. I just blogged their maternity session – it seems like it was only yesterday! Click here to see those radiant photos – the mother daughter moments they shared were my fav. Also, because they are part of the Collective Membership Program, I get to document all of their precious milestone memories of their growing family for the next year! I cannot wait to watch their little bundle grow over the next several months.

mom showing daughter the new baby
black and white of family snuggling
mom snuggling newborn baby on bed
newborn baby snuggled on moms chest
mom holding newborn baby in arms
mom and daughter hugging on bed
mom in white dress snuggling baby

Enjoy This Time As A Family

Going from one to two children is a learning curve, as each of you adjust to your new normal. Your first baby is eager to become a big sibling, mom might be nervous about how her relationship with her first baby might change, and dad is soaking it all in as he watches his family grow. Though there’s lots of emotion during this sweet time in your life, we will provide a completely stress-free and amazing experience for your new family! Through candid, natural, and organic imagery of you being you, to letting everyone have their time in front of the camera with the newborn, to simply enjoying this sweet time together as a growing family, these photo sessions are a wonderful experience that celebrates your parenthood journey.

family playing on bed
family snuggling on bed
mom and dad sitting on bed holding newborn
dad kissing newborn baby's head
dad with glasses holding newborn
dad holding newborn baby's head
mom and dad holding baby on bed
mom and dad holding newborn baby

Perks Of Documenting All Of Your Family’s Milestones

So much changes within the first year, as your tiny love goes from newborn to one year old. The time you have with them is so fleeting and sacred, from bump to baby! And having beautiful imagery that leaves you breathless is an investment worth making. Your new baby’s journey to “one”, from maternity to their first birthday, is one that you will look back on with love and fondness as you reflect on the memories you’ve documented over the year.

mom snuggling newborn baby on bed
sister kissing newborn baby on head
big sister holding newborn baby brother
family of four sitting on bed smiling
mom sitting on porch holding newborn baby

Capturing Your Baby’s Tiny Features

Tiny toes, that button nose, a squishy smile, and rolls for days – your newborn’s features are ones you’ll want to (and will!) stare at for hours on end. Memorizing every inch of their tiny frame is made simpler when you have gorgeous imagery of their sweet features! I love to get those perfect detail shots of babies for mamas and dads to always remember how tiny their little ones were.

newborn baby on bed in swaddle
mom with eyes closed on bed with baby
newborn baby toes
newborn baby face eyes closed
mom holding babys fingers
close up of newborn baby sleeping
mom holding newborn baby boy

I would love to work with you and your family to capture timeless, organic imagery of your life’s biggest milestones! Contact me to book your maternity and/or newborn sessions today.

Clothing borrowed from Client Wardrobe Collection.
HMUA: @uniqueandflawless

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How to Capture Genuine Emotion in Your Photo Session

maternity photos in a field

Enjoying The Experience of Being Together

One thing I hear a lot from clients is that they’re nervous to be in front of the camera because they feel awkward or they aren’t “a natural in front of the camera like all of my other clients.” Let that idea go right out the window! It’s rare that any of us are. It’s not about being a “natural”, it’s about being fully present in the moment, soaking in this time together, and just being you. It’s so important to let go of any fear and focus instead on the memories you will be creating that will last a lifetime! So instead of fretting about being awkward, or worrying about your shape, or if your kids will behave – sit back and relax and enjoy this quality time being together as a family. My job is to create beautiful portraits that convey genuine love and connection; yours is to enjoy the experience.

mom and dad hugging two sons
maternity photo in a field at sunset
mom holding daughter and laughing

Organic Approach to Posing

During our session, I will direct you into natural and flattering poses in a way that perfectly portrays your personality and your best angles. I take a very organic approach to posing by leading you into genuine moments that happen naturally, and are not forced. This is your time to enjoy each other; laugh, snuggle, giggle, and let your kids be kids. So instead of feeling the need to direct your child to look at the camera or say cheese, leave it to me! I will naturally interact with your children in a way that makes their personalities shine. I love to capture the true essence of your child’s personality by coaxing out those smiles naturally! Letting me guide you and your family in this way will result in natural poses, genuine smiles, tender moments, and organic movement that evokes emotion.

toddler hugging moms belly

Some of the best images I’ve ever taken are the ones that happen in the most candid moments. Being naturally guided into poses is one thing, but then letting you be you is when I like to click away. Those images are the ones where you can actually hear someone’s laugh just by looking at them, or where you fall in love all over again just by seeing that gleam in your partner’s eyes as they turned to look at you. Those images are the ones that are not directed, that occur naturally, and that will be cherished forever.  

family of four laughing on bed
toddler in momslap laughing

Trusting Your Photographer To Take Your Best Photos

Hiring a photographer means you are putting your trust into their hands to take the best portraits of you, and to document this special and fleeting season of your life. That is why is so important to make sure your photographer is the right fit for you. It is my absolute goal to make my clients feel pampered and their most comfortable by giving them a stress-free luxury experience – not just during their portrait session, but before and after too!

maternity photos in a field

Complete Wardrobe Styling Service

It’s so nice to sit back and let my team take care of all of your styling needs so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Before our session, we meet for a styling appointment and pre session consultation to discuss your hopes for your session, style you in the perfect wardrobe, and give you a feel of what it’s like to work together. I have a generous and luxurious selection of timeless pieces to style you in that will create soft, dreamy, and stunning imagery. We also offer hair & make-up services to make you look and feeling absolutely gorgeous the day of your session. Nothing is overlooked for your portraits, so that you can look and feel beautiful on the day of your session and truly enjoy your time together. It’s all part of the luxury experience.

mom holding son and kissing his nose
big brother looking at newborn brother on bed

Leave With Images You Will Absolutely Love

Afterwards, we will meet again for our ordering and design appointment where we turn your images into beautiful heirloom artwork that will take your breath away. From custom designed gallery walls to luxurious heirloom albums, we create heirloom artwork to fit every clients. This is more than just another photo session where you walk away with digital files that sit on your computer or make an appearance on social media…it’s a luxurious and intimate experience of capturing your most beloved memories that will last a lifetime in your heart, on your walls, and on your coffee table.

family of four snuggling on bed
black and white dad hugging son in field

To book your portrait session, please contact me for portrait session details and dates available! I can’t wait to create the most beautiful & magical memories of your family – ones that you will want to frame, put in an album, and enjoy everyday, always.

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