How To Capture Perfect Photos Of Your Family

dad throwing son into air at beach

We are heading to the Caribbean to soak up the sun, the salty air, the clear blue ocean and I cannot be more excited to get some time away with my favorite people! The best part about going places and experiencing new things is doing it together as a family. These are the days I want to remember – sandy toes, big smiles, my boys being boys, and celebrating the life we’ve been given.

Quality time as a family – whether it be on vacation, or at home – is super important to us. There’s nothing that will come close to the happiness and bliss I experience with my boys and with my man when we’re enjoying our time together creating special memories! Since we’re headed out on vacay to my most favorite spot to r+r (the beach!), I thought I would share my best tips and tricks on how to capture perfect family photos while you’re out and about.

boy looking back at camera at the beach
dad and sons at the beach

What You Need To Take Great Photos

If you think you need a fancy camera or all this gear to capture the “perfect” photo of your family or kids – think again! All you need is good lighting, and to be able to recognize the moments and experience that matter. If your kids are laughing, exploring, playing with each other, or just immersed in their childhood – you have your photo just waiting to be captured.

I am so passionate about capturing the essence of motherhood and childhood, and know how fleeting this time watching my babies grow up is. I want to soak in every memory, milestone, and mundane moment because I know those are what I will miss the most once they’re all grown up. Taking out my camera at home to capture the boy’s childhood has become second nature to me – and it can become natural for you to do as well with these simple steps:

How To Capture Perfect Family Photos

  • Designate a time to take photos. Take out your camera for about 10-15 minutes during the “moment” you want to capture, and then put the camera away so you can be present and soak in that time together as a family. For example, when we are on vacation I’ll pull out my camera as soon as we get to the beach, find a great background such as a rock wall or the water, grab the shots I want, and then put my camera away for the rest of the time.
  • Don’t worry about getting “the shot.” I believe in being completely present with family, rather than trying to get the “perfect” shot. If you can’t seem to get the photo you want, switch to video and make it into a mini family movie. I love looking back on videos I’ve taken of my boys laughing and smiling and playing together – hearing their sweet voices and watching them be kids is the best feeling ever. If you always have the camera out ready to grab that perfect shot, you’ll never be able to fully relax and soak in that time together enjoying the moment.
dad holding two sons under a tree
dad holding son in arms
  • Candid photos are best. If you’re constantly trying to get your children or husband to pose for photos, you’re going to lose their interest (and the mood) real quick. Candid photos, where you’re simply capturing the moment, are going to be the ones you will want to frame and put into albums.
  • Dress your kids in clothes you’ll want to photograph. Think classic and neutral tones that flow together, rather than busy prints or graphics. These are the photos that will be timeless, and the ones you will want to frame.
  • Lastly, have fun with it! Don’t feel pressure to always get the best shot on your “good camera” or that you need to go out and buy an expensive camera in order to get great photos. You can capture frame worthy images on your phone just as well as on a camera – it’s all about the subject matter and experience. Otherwise, you’ll think of it as work and less likely to truly enjoy doing it. You are documenting their childhood – it might be messy and blurry, there will be quiet moments of wonder, and loud moments of laughter. These are the days you’ll want to remember! Your kids being themselves, in their own world, enjoying their childhood.
boys running down a boardwalk
boys holding hands by the water
boys standing at the window looking out
man and two sons at the beach
boys taking a bath
boys making food in the kitchen
Big brother smiling at younger brother
boys in backyard hugging
boy with bug on hand
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  • AmandaFabulous photo shoot, and great advice!ReplyCancel

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