Creative Ideas and Activities for Kids during Quarantine

We are going into week three of being quarantined here in California, and I must say the boys are handling it super well. We have been doing our best to keep things as normal as possible, spend quality time together, and also keep them entertained. In case you are getting bored with your daily activities, I put together some creative ideas & activities during quarantine that we are doing at home to keep the boys entertained.

Creative Ideas & Activities During Quarantine

  • Read allowed
    • We read allowed often and even chapter books. Reading aloud is widely recognized as the single most important activity leading to language development. My youngest, Grayson (he’s 4) has a harder time sitting still with chapter books and no pictures, so often I will allow him to play with legos or color while we read aloud and he still listen and picks up on most of it.
  • Build puzzles
  • Play board games
    • Board games are one of my favorite things to do indoors with the family. Some of our favorite board games are linked in my Amazon storefront.
  • Build a fort
  • Play charades
  • Play hide & seek
  • Bake
    • We have been baking ALOT. It’s so much fun to do together with the boys. We have been making sour dough bread, sour dough pizza crust, banana muffins, and granola bars. I linked some of our favorite recipes for those. You do need a sour dough starter for the sourdough bread and pizza crust. If your local, I am happy to share some starter. Contact me and I would be happy to leave at my front door for you to swing by and grab.
baking banana muffins during quarantine
  • Balloon ball
    • There are so many different indoor games you can play with balloons, but our favorite is balloon soccer. We set up an area that is considered the goal on each side of the room. It’s a great alternative if you can’t get outside or don’t have the space outside to play as you don’t have to worry about the balloon breaking anything. Of course, with balloon soccer you can also use your hands as well as feet. We also love playing don’t let balloon hit the floor.
  • Start a garden
    • You don’t need a big space to start a garden and such a fun process for the kids to watch the seeds sprout, grow, and feed your family!
  • Write letters to family members
    • A hand written note or art can bring alot of joy to someone’s day and also teaches your kid’s about serving others by bringing joy during times of need.
  • Go for a hike
    • As long as you can safely distance yourself at least 6 ft from others and your local trails are open. Get outside as much as you can for fresh air and Vitamin D to boost your immune system.
  • Camp in the living room
    • Grab your sleeping bags, pillows, popcorn, and flashlights!
  • Get a praying mantis egg case and watch it hatch
    • The boys are stoked about this, but the downfall is you have to be SUPER patient. We are going on week 4 with ours and still nothing. It can take between 3-10 weeks for them to hatch. It will however be super rewarding and exciting once they finally do emerge! You can buy them here.
  • Get caterpillars and watch them transform before your eyes into beautiful butterflies.
    • We have done this twice and it is absolutely amazing. I think I may have even enjoyed it more than the boys, and they loved it!
one of our favorite Creative Ideas & Activities During Quarantine
  • Write letters to family members or neighbors
    • A hand written note or art can bring alot of joy to someone’s day and also teaches your kid’s about serving others during times of need.
  • Have a family dance party
    • Turn on your favorite tunes, turn your living room into a dance floor, and let loose with your kids!
  • Grow sprouts in a mason jar.
    • This is super super easy and fun to do. All you need is sprouting seeds, a mason jar, and a mesh lid. You can make your own lid, but I bought ours off of Amazon. You simply rinse them twice a day for 4-6 days and then you have plenty of fresh sprouts to top on salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and avocado toast.
  • Have a picnic in your backyard
    • Grab a blanket, some sandwiches, snacks, and your favorite drink!
  • Do a scavenger hunt in the house or backyard
  • Have the kids do yoga
    • Mindfulness and relaxation are so important for any age. Cosmic Kids Yoga is specifically designed for kids 3+ and has a fun story to go along with it. It’s our favorite and the boys love it!
  • Paint, draw, color, create
    • Use this time to allow your kids to creative and channel their inner artists. You can even grab a paint brush or colored pencil and get in on the fun!
painting during quarantine

I have linked some of our favorite activities and board games in my Amazon storefront.

If you have any other fun or creative activities to add, please comment below and share!

Sending lots of love, peace and keep calm vibes your way during these unknown times! 

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