Why You Should Schedule Sunrise Beach Photos 

There are so many reasons I absolutely love sunrise portrait sessions! We get to enjoy having the entire beach to ourselves as our own little private oasis before the crowds arrive. The lighting is so dreamy with that coveted golden hour glow providing a soft, radiant warmth. Plus after our session, you have the entire day ahead to truly relax and savor the unhurried vacation mindset.  

Serene Mornings 

Spending early mornings on the beach for portrait sessions is pretty much my idea of heaven on earth. Maybe it’s the salty ocean breeze gently or the first golden rays peeking over the horizon. Maybe it’s the peacefulness of the only sound being the crashing of the waves and the sound of the birds chirping. But I think it’s really about the pure peacefulness and sense of having this stunning landscape all to ourselves, if only for a little while. 

Our Private Oasis 

At this hour, the shore is often deserted and quiet, almost reverent in its hushed tones. Just the gentle crashing of waves and the occasional call of a seabird overhead. It’s just me, you, your loved ones, and miles of pristine beach as our own private paradise. No strangers photo-bombing or distractions to spoil the moment. 

The Golden Light 

Those first few hours after sunrise are what we photographers dream about – that magical “golden hour” window when the light is absolute perfection! As the morning unveils itself, the sky explodes into a vibrant kaleidoscope of pinks, oranges, and reds that dance across the water and soak everything in a radiant, dreamy glow. That soft, diffused lighting is an artist’s ideal scenario for creating dreamy, glowing images. 

Rest of the Day to Relax and Enjoy  

With sunrise photos you get the session out of the way first thing in the morning. This allows you to enjoy the rest of the day relaxed and refreshed, without sitting around waiting for a  photoshoot later. This frees you up for adventures, lounging on the beach, or whatever else your heart desires! 

Beat the Heat of the Day 

In the summer months it gets HOT even at the beach. Sunrise sessions are a perfect way to stay cool and not worry about sweating to death in the summer sun. We always shoot close to sunrise or sunset so we are never shooting right during the heat of the midday sun, however mornings tend to be a bit cooler than our evening sunset sessions.  

Authentic Connections 

Peaceful mornings are such a treat for capturing authentic moments between families and couples. I live for capturing those unscripted, fleeting moments that make your lives so beautifully ordinary yet extraordinary all at once. The way a mother gazes down at her baby with a look of completely enamored awe. How a husband can’t take his eyes off his wife cradling her blossoming bump like the most precious gem. Siblings erupting into endless laughter as they play and tease in those simple childhood joys. These organic moments of intimacy and affection are the moments you will want to etch into your heart forever.  

A Lifetime of Precious Memories 

For me, these sunrise sessions are about so much more than creating beautiful photos. They’re about composing an intentional experience for my clients to disconnect from all the noise and truly reconnect to the people and present moments that make life so incredibly vibrant and meaningful. 

It’s an honor to capture all of those little details that so quickly fade – the squishy baby legs, the tight snuggles, the salty air kisses, and the way their little brows furrowed in wonder as they explore.  

Years from now when your  babies are all grown, you’ll be able to look back at these photos and vividly relive the beauty of that season of motherhood and the pure love you felt in that moment.  

The Ultimate Beach Portrait Experience 

If you’ve been considering beach portraits, especially during the summer months,  I highly recommend doing them at sunrise. It does make for an early morning, but I promise you’ll thank me later! Having that stretch of pristine shore all to ourselves with no disruptions or distractions and the un-rushed relaxation of hours ahead to savor every second of being completely present with your people is an intentional experience you’ll never regret. It’s a priceless gift of lasting memories that you’ll be forever grateful for! 

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