San Diego Family Photographer | Relishing in This. Very. Moment.

photo-3I have OH-FFICIALLY quit my full time job with the American Red Cross and my full time venture with my photography business has just begun! I am beyond incredibly excited and feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to do something I LOVE and stay at home with my lil’ guy, Aiden.

As I embark on this new journey I sit rocking Aiden down for his afternoon nap and I think of my never ending and growing to do list,  and start to feel stress overcome me. I start to list everything in my head I need to get accomplished and feel myself getting anxious for him to fall asleep soon. Fifteen minutes go by and he is fast asleep on my chest. I go to stand to put him down in his crib so I can tackle this ever growing list and pray he takes a long nap, but I stop myself. I take a deep breath and let those thoughts slowly drift away and I promise myself to be present.  In this very moment. Not just physically present, but mentally, emotionally, my whole soul and being present. I remind  myself he is not always going to be this little, he is not always going to need me like this, soon enough he’s not going to be this small to cuddle on my chest like this. So I conscientiously let myself soak it all in. His head on my chest, his little hand resting on my cheek, his mouth still occasionally sucking the pacifier although he’s asleep, the rise and fall of his chest with each breath, the delicious smell of his hair, the remnants of smashed sweet potatoes still stuck on his eyebrow (good job I did of cleaning his face hah) And I start to get emotional thinking about where I am at this very moment in my life. I have the most amazing, supportive, and loving husband, incredibly loving and supportive family and friends, the best and sweetest little guy a momma could ever ask for, two adorable fur babies, a gorgeous home, and I get to stay at home with my little snuggle monkey and  pursue my dream to be a photographer. I want to pinch myself. Never before has my heart felt this full.  The only piece of my heart missing is my dad and him being here to share in this moment with me and see it all unfold.

Sure my to do list continues to grow and I’m often criticizing myself on things I should have accomplished that day, but these months, these days, these hours, these very seconds fly by too quickly. Hell I don’t even know where the past 10 months have gone. So today I choose to relish in every single second of this (not so tiny) little wonder we brought into this world. My to do list can wait. Which also means staying up way too late, consuming way too much coffee, and sleepless nights to make my business successful, but I am 100% content with that.

Thank you to every single person in my life who has been supportive on this journey and led me to where I am at this very moment. My heart is bursting at the seams.



Michelle of Michelle Popp Photography is a San Diego photographer specializing in newborn, maternity, family, baby and wedding photography in San Diego, California, Carlsbad, Del Mar and surrounding areas. Michelle is drawn to emotion filled images, beautiful light and soft neutral colors. Her passion is to capture that authentic beauty, family love, and connection in her imagery.

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    michelle's photography style is composed of capturing emotion-filled images in soft & neutral tones. her use of natural light with simple, authentic beauty allows your family love and bond to capture the focus.

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